Who Is Iwan Fals ?

Who is Iwan Fals ?. Iwan Fals is an Indonesian singer-songwriter whose professional career started in the mid-1970s but who continues to be massively popular in Indonesia. The song, Oemar Bakri, from his fifth album Sarjana Muda (1981), brought him national fame with its sad tale of the penniless teacher, barely able to afford to educate his own family. Many of his songs involve social criticism and he consequently attracted the attention of the authorities during the New Order period, who banned a number of his tours and concerts.

In the 1990s he achieved superstar status and his fame was such that in a reader's poll of popular public figures run by the Indonesian magazine, Monitor in 1990, he was ranked fourth after former President Suharto (second President), former Minister of Technology / former President Habibie (third President) , and former President Sukarno (first President). It was said in media circles that he had been voted number one but was demoted for political reasons. Over a decade later, in 2002, he was named in Time Asia (29 April 2002) as one of Asia's twenty-five greatest living heroes, alongside such figures as Aung San Suu Kyi, Jacky Chan and the Japanese manga character, Doraemon.

Iwan Fals born 3 September 1961 in Jakarta as Virgiawan Listanto. He is an Indonesian very popular and charismatic singer and songwriter. He has released several dozen albums of mostly solo guitar-based material in a style said to be influenced by Bob Dylan. He is considered a popular singer in the country. He is known as a social observer and protest singer, although he has sung many songs about love and romance.

He is married (his wife's name is Rosanna) with two children, Annisa Cikal Rambu Basae and Rayya Rambu Robbani. His eldest son, Galang Rambu Anarki, died in April 1997 of asthma, with speculation of a morphine overdose. Iwan Fals wrote an eponymously titled song for him following his death.


  1. I have dream he a second people in My Country after Mr.Hasyim Muzadi



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